Ben Tiggelaar's MBA in One Day is expanding around the world! This website will inform you about the concept and how you can become a licensee (available only outside of the USA).


About ‘MBA in One Day’

There is so much great management literature around. But you just don't have the time to read all of it. Good news: The MBA in One Day team already did all the work for you!

They have read and analyzed all the 'classics' in management literature. From Stephen Covey to Henry Mintzberg, and from Jim Collins to Marcus Buckingham.

Over 17,000 participants
These key insights are packed into one thrilling seminar: MBA in One Day: 8 meters of management literature in just 8 hours! MBA in One Day includes the ideas and insights of the greatest management thinkers of our time. In the last 12 years, over 19,000 managers have attended MBA in One Day.

Insights + Impact = MBA in One Day
The MBA in One Day seminar presents an unbelievable number of eye-openers in a very short time. MBA in One Day is inspiring, involving and very energetic. All participants are on the edge of their seats from the beginning until the very end!

Our goal
MBA in One Day has only one goal: making the best ideas of the most important management thinkers directly available and applicable to all participating professionals, managers and entrepreneurs. Both participants and press are raving. Read their reports!


What the Gurus Said

"Ben Tiggelaar deeply cares about the challenges we face in becoming better leaders... Ben's unique talent is his ability to translate sound scientific research into inspirational, practical advice."
Stephen R. Covey, author of ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'

"I was very impressed seeing Ben Tiggelaar deliver MBA in One Day. I am in favor of more people getting a sense of what it takes to build and manage a business..."
Philip Kotler, author of 'Principles of Marketing'

"Ben Tiggelaar doesn’t just inspire you... He also teaches you skills and techniques that can turn your good intentions into reality."
Ken Blanchard, author of 'The One Minute Manager'


The MBA in One Day Audio Program

The MBA in One Day Audio Program is another unique feature of the seminar. It holds 10 audio programs with the best ideas of only the best management gurus.