Start of day

Greatest hits in management

Cherry picking in piles of managementbooks
The Guru Matrix: the best guru for each problem


Part 1: Pulling the Cart
Manage yourself before you manage others!
The most effective habits, the best roles and dozens of practical insights
From manager to leader: it's possible!
Based on: Covey, Quinn, Blanchard, Drucker and others


Part 2: Everyone in the Right Spot
How do I build an entrepreneurial and effective organization?
How do I become and stay excellent?
How do I move from product-oriented to customer and process-oriented?
Based on: Mintzberg, Hammer, Buckingham, Peters and others


Part 3: Where Are We Heading?
The core questions and answers for your unique strategy.
How do I find a Blue Ocean?
From strategy to business model in 9 building blocks
Based on: Porter, Kotler, Christensen, Osterwalder and others


Part 4: Making It Happen & Continuous Improvement.
Go from good to great
Lead change effectively in 8 steps
Get rid of the weakest link
Based on: Collins, Kotter, Kaplan/Norton, Goldratt and others

End of day with closing, ‘Graduation’ and ‘Network Reception!